Personalize Your Favorite Clothing

Everyone loves items that have been customized just for them, especially when it comes to clothing. There’s something really special about a shirt, hat, pair of jeans, or new shoes that have been created especially with you in mind. It always feels good to slip on that shirt and know that it is entirely “you”, that it expresses who you are better than anything other article of clothing you own. No matter what kind of style you want to express – rock n roll, classy, elegant, sassy, sophisticated, or fun loving – there are ways to make your clothing state exactly what you want to. You might not know it yet, but Rhinestone Heat Transfers might be just the customization you’ve been looking for.

There are many ways to customize your clothing and accessories and one of the best ways to do is with Rhinestone Heat Transfers. These transfers are fun, easy to use, and the results are always beautiful. It’s easy to add a distinctive touch to all your favorite clothing with the help of a heat transfer.

A heat transfer is a single sheet with a design or lettering printed on it. Some designs are large and meant to be transferred to clothing as a single piece. Others are smaller and meant to be cut out and combined in your own unique arrangement. You can spell out a team name, your favorite slogan or saying – anything you want! All heat transfers give you the freedom to choose your very own form of artistic expression and a heat transfer spangled with rhinestones let you go even further. Rhinestone Heat Transfers include shiny, sparkling gems that add an extra dimension to your personalized design. The eye-catching qualities of real rhinestones will certainly make people sit up and take a second look at your natural flair for design.

Using a heat transfer is easy. You can find a wide selection of transfers at any art and craft store. One thing that will help you choose the design you want is to bring the garment you want to add the transfer to and hold them side by side. Once you’ve found the perfect transfer, all you will need to do is follow the instructions. You will need an iron and a towel or other cloth to set between the iron and the transfer. A towel may not be necessary for all Rhinestone Heat Transfers so be sure to read the instructions carefully before beginning. Once the design has been applied, allow it to cool. Then it’s ready to wear!

Dakota Collectibles is the world’s largest supplier of stock embroidery designs. They also offer a large selection of rhinestone heat transfers with thousands of unique designs.

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