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by | May 14, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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There are a multitude of options available when it comes to the application of wallcoverings. Materials range from vinyl to cheap fabrics like hessian, with choices such as wool and felt falling in-between. However, there are still those who prefer to adhere to the simplest solution—paint. And while there are numerous brands of paint available, few are as beneficial to those in need of architectural finishes as Scuffmaster, which is widely considered to be the company name that sets the bar high. Scuffmaster is one of the most reputed brands of architectural paints available, and its products continue to dazzle new customers in their efficiency.
Let’s take a moment to examine a few of the benefits associated with using Scuffmaster as opposed to other leading brands.


In terms of quality, this product is difficult to beat. It’s a well-known fact that those in need of architectural finishes get much better performance when using water-based paints than they would with a product made with ordinary latex. Furthermore, Scuffmaster’s performance is commonly lauded as being on par with that of even the finest brand of epoxy finish. It is easier to use and, in the end, is often much more appealing to the eye than any of the popular competing products on the market.


Masterlink is an excellent performance additive that is mixed into the Scuffmaster paint during installation. This material greatly enhances the paint’s ability to hold up even after vigorous scrubbing. The company provides customers with color samples intended to give them a taste of what the finish itself has to offer, and these samples aren’t mixed with the Masterlink additive at all. Because of this, it can easily be inferred that the quality of the final paint job will be even greater than that of any sample in the customer’s possession.


The ability to choose between an assortment of specialized options is highly important when it comes to any renovation project, be it commercial or residential. As such, it’s important for any reputed brand of architectural finish to come in a variety of styles designed to accommodate the preferences of the company’s many, many customers. Scuffmaster’s metallic finishes come in thousands of different colors, offering a great level of versatility to any who choose to buy them. To make matters better, all their other paints come in truly limitless shades, making them ideal for virtually any project at all.

LEED Points

Going green is something that a lot of today’s homeowners care greatly about. Scuffmaster is LEED-certified, giving them great economic and environmental value.

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