Selling Gold in Clarksville, TN

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Jewelry


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With the rising prices of gold in last couple of years, people who are in urgent need of money are thinking gold as a good option to meet their emergency financial requirements. Gold is getting popular in the investment portfolio, so, many people throughout the world are interested in being this precious metal. If you are thinking of selling gold in Clarksville, TN, before taking your next step with your valuable jewelries you should consider the factors that make sure that you get the accurate price.

Selling gold in Clarksville, TN

1. Analyze buyer’s credentials

Deceitful buyers always try to cheat amateur sellers by offering abnormally high prices of the metal. They might put up ads in newspapers and also arrange for a temporary shop. So, before selling gold in Clarksville, TN make sure to check the credentials of the buyer. You can visit business bureau in your area and see if there is any complaint against the specific dealer.

2. Verify the price of gold

Even if you are selling gold to a certified gold buyer, it is recommended to compare different prices offered by other stores or dealers. While trying to sell gold online or a dealer, you should make sure that you know the accurate base price of metal.

3. Test the scale

Though the department of measures and weighs in many areas check the scales in many areas, but it is still recommendable to check the weighing scale carefully on your own when a buyer is weighing your gold.

4. Understand various measuring units

Though the prices of gold are normally described in grams, some dealers and buyers may use traditional or old units for weighing and measuring the metal. Normally buyers measure in Troy, 31.1 grams of gold is equivalent to one gold troy. Some buyers also use pennyweight for measuring gold. Lots of calculation is involved in the process of weighing and pricing of gold, so keep your calculator always ready to use.

5. Part jewelries based on their karats

Before selling your gold ornaments, make sure to separate them based on their karat value. Sometimes buyers cheat sellers by putting together all the ornaments on a scale and decide the price on the lowest karat item among them.

6. Consider historical value

Many times gold ornaments have historical value to them. These traditional gold accessories and ornaments normally get a higher price compared to scrap gold. You should consider selling these items in auction houses or sites as they are the perfect places to sell them.

7. Don’t think about selling gold at pawn shops
Pawn shop is the first that comes to mind when a person is in desperate need of money, but you should never make a mistake of selling it to them, they will take advantage of your desperation and pay you very less price for your items.

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