Sunglasses in Classic Shapes and Colors for Timeless Style in Charleston

Round frame polarized sunglasses conjure images of classic silhouettes and images, from John Lennon’s standard 1960s look to the iconic look of 1980s aviator sunglasses and resort models. Round frames never go out of style and flatter all face types, including round, oval and square faces. Certain round frames boast additional features, making them ideal for outdoor excursions and sunny days on the water.

Pairing Innovation With a Throwback Vibe

Although round frame sunglasses present vintage sensibilities, the addition of polarized lenses make them of the moment. Polarized lenses still aren’t an industry norm, but they’re the norm for many sunglasses wearers.

All polarized sunglasses are polarized to reduce horizontal light, otherwise known as glare. Rock round frame polarized sunglasses for activities on bright days, whether on the water, at the outdoor stadium or even on the beach. Polarization does not distinguish between glare types; polarized lenses reduce all types of glare without compromising visual or color accuracy.

All That and a Bag of Chips

UV protection applied to lenses makes each pair resistant to UVA and UVB rays above 400 nanometers. UVA and UVB rays above 400 nanometers are the absolute worst and the most harmful to your eyes. Ongoing exposure eventually leads to irreversible ocular damage. If you spend summer’s days enjoying yourself outdoors, sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are essential.

Round frame polarized sunglasses also boast double-sided oleophoic coating to resist oil and fingerprint smudges. Hydrophoic coating resists the formation of fog and causes condensation to bead and fall off swiftly. A scratch-resistant coating keeps lenses free of unsightly mars and scrapes despite frequent daily use.

They All Float

As if all the above isn’t enough, some round frame polarized sunglasses also float on water. The ultra-lightweight TPX material they’re made from weighs less than the water they displace, making them float. TPX is roughly 20% to 30% lighter than polycarbonate, yet it’s durable enough to withstand all your most rigorous adventures.

Peruse the entire line of Rheos Gear’s round polarized sunglasses from Charleston today at where you can take advantage of a 30-day trial for a limited time.

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