The Dream of White Picket Fences Can Be a Reality

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Part of the classic American Dream is to one day own a house with a white picket fence. What is it about white picket fences that they have become so connected with this important concept? It represents this idea of a successful, polished home, protected from intrusion but welcoming to the visitor, and well-kept, perpetually. If you find that part of your dream is to have a picket fence of whatever color around your property, you should find a picket fences Austin professional to build and install them.

Mapping the Property
Fencing is also a formal way of defining property lines, so before you start raising fences, you should be sure that you are putting them where they should be. It would be a shame to have to tear a large section of fence only to move it over one foot to the left. Although getting your property lines outlined by a professional could cost some money up front, it will be worth it to know that your fence will be installed correctly the first time. In addition to this, you should have an idea of where you would like to have any gates and if you want these to be manual or automatic.

After you relay all of this pertinent information to your fencing contractor, the construction can begin. More than likely, the builders will prefabricate six or eight foot sections of fences off site. Once at the site, they will dig holes for the posts. These are usually around three feet to ensure the posts remain grounded and secure. The prefabricated sections of pickets will then be attached to these posts. Then the gate(s) needs to be attached. The only thing left after this is to choose a color or stain for your fence to give it the appearance you desire.

Allow the professionals at Allied Fence – website name – to assess your fencing needs. With decades of experience under their belts, they can help you design and install the perfect fence to complete your American dream.

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