The Reason Jewelry Stores Offer Jewelry Watch Repair And Cleaning In Grandview OH

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Jewelry Diamonds


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When you have made an investment in quality jewelry or watches, you should definitely wear them. And of course, you will likely wear your engagement ring and/or wedding ring for years. When you are doing that, they get dirty. Often times, you may clean the jewelry yourself with jewelry washes that you can buy in department stores or just rub off the grime with a soft cloth.

But you really should take the time to haul your fine jewelry to a quality store and have it professionally cleaned. This is for several different reasons.

First of all, quality jewelry watch repair and cleaning in Grandview OH will make sure that the jewelry is deep cleaned without damaging the surface of the gold or silver and definitely not the gemstones. Taking your fine jewelry to a lesser quality establishment might result in damage being done or, worst case scenario, having something stolen. You just cannot do as good of a job cleaning with a toothpick or a cloth as a professional jeweler. Now sometimes this type of cleaning is included with your purchase at their store and if that is the case you should definitely keep the certificate proving that you bought the jewelry or watch there so that you can have it cleaned without having to pay for it. That way you will take it in more often.

Second of all, and perhaps most importantly, jewelry watch repair and cleaning in Grandview OH is sort of an insurance policy. They will look at your jewelry and watch, repair anything that may be slightly damaged and make sure that nothing falls off. You may have heard horror stories of people who look down at their rings and realize that the diamond has fallen out and they have no idea where it was lost. A regular jewelry watch repair and cleaning in Grandview OH will prevent that because they will tighten up the prongs that hold the gemstones. They will also make sure that the watch is working properly and that it will continue to work for years to come.

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