Tips to Select the Perfect Women’s Wedding Ring

You have the engagement ring on your finger so now it’s time to start thinking about wedding rings. We have some fantastic tips that will make the process a cinch. Before you choose the wedding ring of your dream for that dream day that is coming up, make sure you’ve thought everything through. The process can be simple rather than stressful by following a few rules.

Narrow Down Your Choices

You will be wearing this wedding ring for the rest of your life, so you want to make some decisions before shopping. Do you like white, gold, or rose metal? Are you looking for something understated and traditional or modern and zany? Just answering a couple of questions like this will give you the insight you need to start your search for wedding rings in New Jersey.

Get Started Early

After you know what you want in basics, start visiting local jewelry stores. We recommend you spend a couple of months researching, browsing, pricing, and revisiting the rings you like the most. If you want a custom ring, you’ll want to start even earlier. Things like engraving can take a month on their own.

Have a Budget

While a simple 14k gold band might only be a few hundred dollars, a platinum band might be double that. If you want diamonds or gems that will bring the price up even more. For engraving, this will have an additional cost, but it will vary based on whether it’s done by machine or hand.

Think to the Future

There’s nothing wrong with choosing from modern wedding rings but do remember that you want this ring to look fantastic 30 years down the line. Make sure you consider the future when you make your final choice. You want this to be a ring you love for the long haul.

Choose the Right Size

A wedding band is often worn at all times. That means while pregnant, exercising, working, in summer, and in winter. These situations can lead to your fingers contracting or swelling. It’s best to have your ring fitted while at a normal temperature and in a calm moment. You can then try it again when you’re at a lower or higher temperature to be sure it still fits well.

If you’re looking for beautiful wedding rings in New Jersey, Lincroft Village Jewelers has the solution you need. We offer many different styles of rings and will work with you to find the perfect option.

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