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by | May 23, 2018 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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When searching for a way to increase visibility and promote name recognition, many businesses chose a promotional umbrella for giveaways or bonuses to their customers. This can be an incredibly effective business move, since umbrellas are practical, useful and convenient to carry. While umbrellas were originally designed to protect against rain, sunshine or inclement weather, its purpose has evolved a bit, as some companies have discovered that giving away company branded umbrellas can perform a double duty: they keep customers dry, and also provide free advertising.

For a company’s marketing purposes, using these customized umbrellas can mean maximum exposure for very little expenditure. It’s a smart move, and can be more useful than distributing pens or mugs, since umbrellas may send the message to their customers that a company is interested in keeping their clients safe from the elements.

Promotional umbrellas can come in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns and sizes. The company name, logo or motto can be inscribed across the surface of the umbrella. Many companies are happy to do this custom job, and can provide detailed quotes based on the size of order being placed. Customers can choose between a manual or push-button style; the designs also range from simple folding umbrellas to those specifically made for rain, beach or golf purposes. Designs can be placed on the umbrella itself and also on the included carrying case, doubling your business’ exposure. The umbrellas can, however, be used for so much more than just shelter.

Personal Entertainment

Businesses aren’t the only segment of the market that may use these custom umbrellas. These items are becoming increasingly popular when entertaining. In custom colors, they can be used as decoration or staging, or provide a stylish shelter when entertaining outdoors. For weddings, there are custom-made umbrellas available that are part of a photographer’s equipment, reducing glare and providing a consistent light source. Umbrellas can also be integrated into a wedding’s theme or color scheme, or can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names or wedding date.

Form and Function

Promotional umbrellas can prove to be a surprisingly useful item. Whether used for entertaining, advertising or event planning, these umbrellas can provide shelter to users while promoting a business’ brand awareness. Companies generally accommodate most custom orders and can provide detailed quotes on request, with convenient delivery options within a reasonable timeframe. When in use, they can prove an effective strategy to make a company’s name visible to the general public. For more information Click Here.

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