Three Most Popular Types of Up Chandeliers in Chicago to Fit Any Space

Up Chandeliers in Chicago can truly set the mood of any home with elegance, a modern feel or rustic charm depending on what type of chandelier is chosen. While many people think that this design style only lends itself to a traditional look, they may be surprised to learn that up chandeliers can be toned down for a more casual feel as well. Check out these three popular styles.

Candle Chandeliers
Candle chandeliers bring back the feel of classic aristocratic lighting with the convenience of electrical wiring. Candle chandeliers come in many styles, but most feature narrow candle shapes in a white or metallic hue with small, flame-shaped bulbs. These styles can range from simple with only four or five candles to complex with a dozen or more candles.

Candle Chandeliers with Shades
To tone down the look of a candle chandelier for a casual feel, consider adding shades to the candles. This will also dim the light a bit, which is perfect for more intimate gatherings. Choose white shades for a clean feel or brown, navy or gray shades for a cozy look.

Crystal Chandeliers
Those who are hoping for an extremely elegant look combined with classical lighting should consider a crystal up a chandelier. While these can be more difficult to clean when all of the little pieces look dusty and cloudy, they are truly gorgeous in a very formal room. Some are even adding these to large bathrooms or master bedrooms for a fun flair.

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