Can You Buy A Mattress From Tempur Pedic In Gulfport, MS?

by | May 5, 2015 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Should you have a serious interest in buying one – whether in Gulfport Mississippi or anywhere else in the world – should keep the body support and sleeper’s comfort features of the product firmly in mind when choosing which one to buy. Tempur-Pedic International, Inc is a manufacturer of such sleep aiding products that concentrates on both these important features. The good news is that you can buy their mattresses in Gulfport, MS.

Company History

Back in 1966,NASA contracted the development of a “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam intended to improve comfort and safety in aircraft seats. The result became known as “memory foam” and it can be capable of softening under the influence of a body’s natural heat which enables it to take on the shape of a warm body lying or sitting upon it. This reshaping is reversible and good memory foam will quickly revert to its original shape once body weight has been removed.

NASA transferred memory foam to the public domain in the early 1980’s but commercial operations were hampered by difficulties in the manufacturing process. A Swedish company called Fagerdala World Foams persevered and introduced their “Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress” in 1991. They expanded their market to the States and the company Tempur-Pedic, Inc was established in 1992.That Company was then reorganized several times and, in 2012, at a cost of $228.6 million, they merged with a rival manufacturer (Sealy Corporation) to form “the world’s largest bedding company.”

Memory Foam Remains The Key Comforter

Because the foam responds to each individual sleeper’s body weight, shape and temperature; sleeping on it will automatically cause it to adjust itself to provide the best level of support for any sleeper. This happens regardless of the individual’s sleeping position – even if this changes during the course of their night’s sleep. They can be lying on their back, side or stomach; stretched out straight or curled up in the fetal position; the foam will continuously adjust to suit each position.

Furthermore, the foam will reduce those pressure points caused when shoulders, hips, and heels press against it causing discomfort and an automatic reaction to move your body – i.e.” tossing and turning” in your sleep. These advantages will also benefit couples sharing a bed since each sleeper’s indentations in the mattress are entirely beneath the individual; no more slope to slide down towards your partner and you probably won’t even notice if they get out of the bed while you are still asleep.

Isn’t it time you got over to those showrooms in Gulfport, MS and checked all this out for yourself? A good place to start would be the showrooms of Mattress Direct at 15299 Crossroads Parkway. Visit our website for more information.

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