Features and Benefits of Jodee Mastectomy Bras

Breast surgery remains one of the most effective ways of dealing with breast cancer in women. One huge benefit of a mastectomy – or the removal of a breast – is that women who get a mastectomy can generally avoid having to undergo radiation therapy. This is especially a huge plus for those suffering from particular connective tissue and autoimmune diseases, as radiation may lead to complications in these individuals.

Still, women who undergo a mastectomy may feel self – conscious about how they look and how their clothes fit on them. Jodee Mastectomy Bras are designed to help mastectomy patients achieve the natural look they desire.

What are Jodee Mastectomy Bras?
These bras are some of the market’s leading post-surgery bras because of their high quality. Certified bra experts can help you easily pinpoint the best bra for your post-mastectomy needs and personal style. Jodee offers a huge selection of mastectomy bras that stand out for being comfortable, stylish and affordable. They come in various fabrics and colors as well as sizes, ranging from AA to II. The sizes of the bra bands are from 32 to 52. You can also get a custom post-surgery bra or a bra featuring pockets that are built-in to accommodate Jodee breast forms.

Bra Options
One popular Jodee bra option is the Alluring Bra Style 606 – a lace back – hook bra that is sculptured and provides comfortable support with no wire. The lace features a European design that gives it a sophisticated look in addition to featuring cotton/spandex pockets in the cups to hold breast forms. Another in-demand bra choice is the Jodee Camisole Bra Style 2501, which has lace covers on the areas of the bra cups and provides full coverage, looking like a camisole. This type of bra can be worn underneath sheer blouses that have low necklines and even under jackets.

Other Bra Selections
You may prefer a Jodee Choices Plus Bra Style 1805, which has back-hook and front-hook adjustments designed to help you experience a better fit. The cups are fiber-filled lightly for additional support and good shaping. In addition, each cup of the bra features a spandex/cotton pocket for holding your breast form. Meanwhile, the Jodee Cool Cotton Bra Style 507 is designed to draw moisture from the body. The right mastectomy-product provider can assist you with making a bra selection that best meets your needs.

MastectomyShop.com is your source for post-mastectomy products. Learn about the company’s bras by visiting www.mastectomyshop.com.

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