Go Big With Trade Show Exhibit Displays Or Go Home

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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If you are going to do a trade show, your exhibit displays have to be perfect and big. While they can be tabletop versions, they need to explosively market you and your company without you having to do much more. This can be a little difficult to handle, especially if you’re just starting out. However, you’ll have to work at it to find what works for you.

Show Business

What potential customers want to see from your display are dazzle and excitement. Creativity and flavor should also be present. They want to be wowed and impressed by what you have done. Consider movie and Broadway producers and how they advertise and use their abilities to create something great. That is what you need to be doing with your shows to get people interested.


Interaction is a common necessity for everyone. People want to be engaged and interacted with because they rarely get it anymore. Jobs and communication are all electronic, so they want that interactive feeling. This also means having objects that can be manipulated and touched. Have replicas of your products so that people get excited by touching and experimenting with them.


Use the Internet to your advantage. Interacting and advertising through the Internet is an excellent way to entice people about the exhibit. Pre-show and during-show marketing should be considered. Consider sending out invitations before the event or check out free link options to link others to your website. Consider posting a countdown clock on your site to get people interested and excited about what’s coming.


The object of your displays is to make something memorable. You don’t want people to visit and then immediately forget what you’ve told them. You want them to remember you, your brand and your products as being the best quality and best choice for them. Using all five senses, such as touch, sight, sound, smell and taste will make people remember what you have to offer.


Consider fun entertainment options at your next tradeshow. These can be bands, singers, educational seminars, puppeteers, clowns, magicians or anything else you can imagine. Try to find options that can use your brand or products in their shows to create an entertaining and memorable time for you and everyone there. This will help you be remembered and get more sales.

Trade show exhibit displays are but a tool. You must figure out how to use it well to convey your message and get more business. Go to the Exhibit Wholesale website for more information.

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