How Shoe Parts Affect the Type of Safety Shoes Bought

What are safety shoes? Who should buy safety shoes? Are they really that important? Well, let’s take a brief look at safety shoes.  Safety shoes are essential protective gear for all types of activities ranging from sports to production.  Workers often wear all other protective gadgets but when it comes to footwear, they tend to ignore the safety shoes. The truth is wearing the right safety shoes does not only offer protection but also of the desired comfort during work thus increasing your productivity.

Not every shoe is a safety shoe. Standard safety boots are specially designed to offer maximum protection from any potential hazards in workplace or during rigorous activities. They are stable and comfortable to wear throughout the day. This is not the case with normal shoes.

They might be comfortable at the beginning but as you proceed they start causing some injuries and discomfort to your feet. Also, normal shoes will just cover your feet but will not protect it from potential hazards like impact from heavy objects, chemicals, water, oils, electric shocks, etc.

If you want to buy safety shoes, here are some parts of safety shoes you should consider depending on your purpose in order to come up with right shoe:

#1: The Outer Sole

Outsole is an important part of safety shoe. It gets into direct contact with the ground. It should be made of tough synthetic materials or rubber. It sometimes determines the quality of the safety shoe. Always ensure the outsole of your work shoe is convenient to suits your activity.

#2: The Inner sole

It is the interior bottom of the safety shoe. It gets into direct contact with your foot. Thus, it should be soft and spongy. It plays an important role in ensuring feet comfort during various activities. The ideal insole should be removable and replaceable if need be.

#3: The Midsole

It lies in between insole and outsole. It is mainly included to act as a shock absorber especially when the shoe is engaged in rigorous activities.

#4: Protective Midsole

Its purpose is to prevent the penetration of sharp objects in workplace which might cause serious injuries to the underneath feet.

#5: Protective Toe Cap

Traditionally, they were made of steel. Thanks to technology for introducing composite toe caps which are more convenient. Toe caps offer protection to feet against falling objects.

#6: The Heel

The heel is only incorporated in some specific safety shoes. In many cases, it is made of the same material as the outer sole though a piece of metal may be included to add on its durability. However, flat heels are preferred due to their extra comfort.

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You should at least buy a pair of safety shoes for whatever activity you are engaged in.

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