Tips for Developing a Stylish Wardrobe

If you’re like most women, you want to put your best foot forward. After all, first impressions are important. Unfortunately, people do judge you by the way you look. Outside of that, it’s always great to dress in a way that reflects your personal style. However, it’s no secret that building a wardrobe can be an expensive endeavor. In order to make sure that you develop the stylish wardrobe of your dreams, consider the following tips.

1. Build a capsule wardrobe.
Capsule wardrobes are excellent for those who want to gain flexibility and versatility within a few staple pieces in the closet. Typically, a capsule wardrobe consists of under fifty pieces to wear. While you might interchange a few pieces based on the season, these fifty pieces will work throughout the year. To build a capsule wardrobe, purchase investment pieces like a great pair of black pumps, a white button-down shirt and a classic blazer. You can include a few stylish pieces of jewelry as well as a durable, classic purse. You’d be surprised by how many combinations you’d be able to come up with before repeating items.

2. Invest in a good tailor.
Whether you’re purchasing pieces from the thrift store or the high-end department store, you’ll want to get everything tailored to fit your body. When you’re able to tailor your clothing, the simplest top will easily look custom-made. If you’re able to sew, you’ll be able to save money on tailoring. However, if you can work tailoring into your budget, you’ll be able to see a dramatic appearance in your overall look.

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