Tyvek Coveralls for Workplace Protection

Tyvek coveralls are great for protection in various applications and occupations. Different suits serve different functions. A brief rundown follows.

Different Styles

Tyvek covers vary in terms of styles and sizes, most having a white color. Some styles include a collar, while others have hoods. These could be worn with work boots or rubber shoes, as appropriate for your job. The price of these combinations ranges from about $6 to $55, with the larger sizes being slightly more expensive. A perfect fit for jobs requiring tear and puncture resistant suits, these suits are resistant to most chemicals. Featuring a zipper front, they are also easy to wear and are durable thanks to the use of polyolefin fabric. Note that although the suits are disposable, they are conveniently machine washable and are not pre-shrunk, so you should ideally buy a larger size.

Form and Function

Tyvek suits are flame-resistant and water-resistant because the material used makes it chemical repellent. In terms of style, it features a zipper at the front and a collar-collar. It encourages greater freedom in terms of movement and provides better comfort as there is no elastic at the wrists and ankles. These coveralls are usually worn along with another flame-resistant garment to offer primary heat resistance, and are suitable for use in steel mills, coal mines, toilets and refineries, to name a few industries. These suits are quite affordable to be used as disposables.

Different Colors

Some companies or industries have a preference for a specific cover color to use. Companies offer combinations of different types, with colors like blue, white and yellow being readily available. Blue suits, for example, include elastic cuffs, ankles, boots and a hood, made with a fabric that is guaranteed to be comfortable, durable and breathable. The material is treated with a flame-resistant finish so this disposable suit is suitable for activities where spark exposure could occur. Yellow Tyvek coveralls have the same design and elastic, but the fabric is coated with polypropylene and could be used for work involving petrochemical activities and sanitation. Whites generally offer the least protection but are the lowest priced suits.

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