The Differences In Full And Non Cutoff Wall Pack Lighting

There are different options in fixtures that are used for the exterior lighting of any type of property. There are lights that are designed to be mounted on poles or extend from the wall to provide light from directly overhead.

There are also wall packs, which offer a wall mounted light fixture that can provide lighting in different directions and over smaller or larger areas. Two of the most common of these wall mounted types of lights are the full cutoff and non cutoff wall pack lighting options.

The Similarities

Both of these options in outdoor lighting should be wet rated for use on the exterior of a building. They should also have a well-designed fixture that will keep rain, snow, and moisture out of the fixture.

Most are made of aluminum and then finished with a variety of colors from bronze to black. The two options in wall packs will also provide a durable shatter-resistant lens, a classic style and look and the ability to accommodate either the cool white or neutral white color temperature LED bulbs.

The Differences

The full cutoff wall pack is designed with the fixture itself shielding any light from shining upwards. The lens is pointed downwards in the fixture design, which eliminates most of the forward light as well as preventing any light from shining up from the fixture.

With the non cutoff wall pack, the opposite is the case. The housing is minimal, allowing the light to shine down, out as well as up from the fixture. As these are mounted to the wall, this is not 360-degree lighting but rather, 180-degree lighting.

The benefit of the non cutoff wall pack includes a brighter overall display. This is ideal when the goal is to add light in a wider area and to increase visibility or security all around the fixture.

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