What Ingredients Do Marlboro Cigarettes Contain?

Those who smoke Marlboro cigarettes have probably wondered at least once about the different ingredients that make up the cigarettes. They contain a wide array of different substances and chemicals so that they burn slowly. The different ingredients are also responsible for the very unique taste of this cigarette. If you have ever wanted to know what makes Marlboros so unique, learning about the ingredients is the most effective way to satisfy your curiosity.

Achieving the Unique Marlboro Flavor

Many chemicals come together to provide the flavor that Marlboro smokers are used to. However, there are a few ingredients that have the biggest impact, including sugar, cocoa, licorice extract and carob bean. This brand of cigarettes also contains water. Marlboros have a mild chocolate flavor that is slightly sweet and this is due to the cocoa, sugar and carob bean ingredients. The licorice extract adds further sweetness and the water helps to keep the tobacco moist so that it does not dry out and burn quickly.

Other Ingredients in Marlboro Cigarettes

There are chemical ingredients in Marlboro cigarettes, and they all play a role in the integrity of the cigarette and how slowly and evenly the tobacco burns. The mixture of chemical ingredients is very specific and those who created the chemical mixture in the cigarettes did so very purposefully to ensure that this brand of cigarettes is high in quality. The following are common chemical ingredients in Marlboro cigarettes:

*     Diammonium phosphate: This ingredient is common in cigarettes because it plays a role in the power of the nicotine. The Marlboro brand uses this ingredient as a nicotine enhancer.

*     Glycerol: This is a common ingredient present in Marlboros and most other brands of cigarettes. This chemical works to ensure that the tobacco is able to hold onto moisture so that it does not dry out prematurely. If tobacco gets dried out, it will burn much faster and the flavor of the tobacco will be stale.

*     Propylene glycol: This ingredient is found in many brands of cigarettes, including e-cigarettes. It works to stabilize the tobacco so that it is held together.

*     Ammonium hydroxide: This ingredient is ammonia solution in water. When this is present in cigarettes, it helps to ensure that the nicotine is delivered into the bloodstream quickly.

Overall, dozens of ingredients are responsible for the composition of a Marlboro cigarette. The ingredients listed above are ones that most people are curious to learn more about. All of them have a role in helping the cigarette to burn, maintaining the integrity of the tobacco and adding flavor. If even one ingredient gets changed, those who typically smoke this brand of cigarettes would surely notice.

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