What Is A Good Way To Sell Silverware in Chicago?

by | May 15, 2015 | Jewelry


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Silver has many uses be they industrial, medical, decorative or domestic and, although not the highest priced precious metal; it is nevertheless, considered precious and will always hold a good value. This means that if you have some that you do not need or want, you should be able to convert it into money without too much difficulty.

Family Heirlooms And Other Old “Stuff”

Household items, trophies and jewelry that we have purchased, won or been given are usually items that we wish to hang on to (unless we find ourselves in dire financial straits). But what about all that old fashioned stuff that has come down to us through the family? It may, or may not, have sentimental value but it certainly has some monetary value.

If it has some exceptional visual appeal – an antique candelabra for example – we can choose whether to hang on to it and use it to grace our table on special occasions; or we might get a good price for it at auction. But, if it is simply old, somewhat ugly and in slightly damaged condition; why hang on to it simply because it once graced the log cabin on the prairie that was home to great, great grandma Alice back before the family moved to a suburban development in Chicago?

Junk With Value

You think about selling it and decide to have a bigger clear out so you search through the attic and those other places where we all collect “things” that are not really much more than junk. You are actually quite surprised at the result – a couple of beaten up trophies, a whole box full of very worn silver knives, forks, spoons and other table implements; a very ugly vase, a mirror frame with no glass, a set of ladies’ hair brushes with no bristles and a handful of coins.

You decide that none of this has any sentimental value and you certainly would not wish to display or use any of it yourself. None of it is likely to be considered collectible so it is unlikely to fetch anything at auction or at an antique dealer’s shop. Do you simply throw it all away or, should you think about how you could possibly sell all this old silverware?

If you do decide to attempt to Sell Silverware in Chicago; then there are specialist dealers who not only buy fine pieces but will also consider purchasing some purely for the value of the metal if it were to be melted down. Places like Chicago Gold Gallery will make you a reasonable offer on this basis.

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