Benefits Of Using Truss Displays At Your Next Tradeshow

by | May 11, 2015 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Most people are unfamiliar with the term truss, having no idea what it truly means. It is any  structure that offers two components of force that are applied to only two points so that when assembled, the object behaves singly and not independently. In short, these types of displays offer two different force components applied to two areas of the display so that it is one full and independent display. This type of trade show booth offers many benefits.

Multiple Trusses

In essence, trusses are just connected at some point or area to the rest of the display. This means you can have multiple displays of the same type, set up all together as one or set up in different areas to expand your chances of reaching more potential clients. Many times, you can also use different systems to create one big display that can be taken apart.

Reduce Manufacturing/Save Money

Because everything is hooked together, you ultimately have a few simple parts that can be reused in many ways to create the look and style you want. Therefore, it can reduce the manufacturing time and help save you some money because you don’t have to have many different parts.


Because new connectors have been provided, you can have many types of truss displays, including collapsible ones. This means that the parts can be flattened down for shipping and transporting to the tradeshow. This can also save you money because you don’t have to ship an already-put-together item and don’t have to have a large truck for transporting.

Old Versus New Connectors

Older booth styles required you to have every piece, and every cord be connected or locked into place before it could be used. This meant difficulty in setting up and tearing down, but it also cost more for labor and required you to arrive very early to set up the display. Newer connectors have been created that offer an easier connector system.

Everyone Can’t Sell Them

While some may not consider it a benefit, suppliers of this type of display are different from others, and not all suppliers can manufacture this type of booth. There is a lot of experience and knowledge required because there are different trusses, including steel, aluminum, lighting, and multi-level versions. They are typically portable, easily connected with few or no tools and collapsible, meaning they must be made correctly or else someone could get hurt.

Truss displays are much different than other options, but can be just as easy to use. If you have always wanted one or think you may want to try them, contact Exhibit Options today to learn more.

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