Bicycling is Good for More Than Just Physical Fitness

There are so many great reasons that go beyond exercise to take up bicycling as part of your daily life. Whether its to boost your fitness levels, go a little easier on your bank balance, or to leave a smaller carbon footprint as an environmental decision, bicycling has the potential to be one of the best life changes you could ever make. People who live in busy or congested cities for example can benefit from shorter commute times than if they were stuck in traffic inside their car. After all, when was the last time you saw a traffic jam that included bicycles?

Introduce Regular Biking into Life for Better Quality Sleep

Another benefit to consider in regard to regular bike riding excursions is a better night’s sleep. Stanford University researchers asked insomnia sufferers with inactive lifestyles to bike 20-30 minutes a day every other day, this resulted in increased hours of restful sleep and it cut their time required to fall asleep by half. Part of the reason these results were so successful is that riding bike exposes your body to sunlight, which then helps restore your circadian rhythm. That is a significant reason to take up bicycling as the effects of insufficient sleep can take its toll on the human body much like a lack of physical exertion.

Bicycling Can Stimulate Your Body and Your Brain

As well as a more restful nights sleep, you are also awarded the benefits of increased brain power during your waking hours. From age 30 the region responsible for memory within the brain begins to deteriorate. Biking however improves your cardio vascular health which in turn helps build new brain cells in that important memory center called the hippocampus. If you are interested in checking out road bikes for sale in Cape Coral area, check out the inventory from Fort Myers Bike Shop. They can help you choose the right bike to suit your needs, and help you get your body and your mind on the right track for a long and happy life.

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