The Super Power of the V.34 Fax

by | May 14, 2019 | Shopping


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Like all other technologies, fax technologies continue to improve and evolve to meet and ultimately exceed customer demands. The V.34 fax is the latest game changer in the field of faxing, as companies must consider whether to upgrade to the V.34 or stick with their existing solution.

Billed as a super power of faxing due to its high-speed capabilities, the V.34 fax can transmit faxes at double the speed of the V.17, but it is also able to reduce call setup and period management by a third of the time required by V.17.

Additionally faxing devices that support the V.34 fax protocol are able to perform considerably more dependable transmissions. Moreover, it works better and under a wider scope of conditions than its predecessor, and also requires fewer resends.

The Benefits of the V.34 Fax Protocol

To fully grasp everything that the V.34 fax protocol has to offer, we must first explain how fax transmissions are conducted.

Stage one in the proverbial “handshake,” during which time many factors are taken into consideration to determine how the call will be implemented. This is essentially the step during which two fax machines make contact and reach some kind of technological “agreement” whereby a common speed for fax transmission is accepted.

When a V.17 modem is at this stage, this initial process is completed at 300 bps. By comparison, when a V.34 fax is performing this quintessential handshake, the rate at which is completes the process is 1200 bps, or a third of the time required by the V.17. The next stage of a fax call is data transmission.

Even better, the V.34 fax offers the broadest array of presently supported rates for the transmission of data. This enables the V.34 to perform better and under a much wider range of conditions than the V.17.

Based upon the obvious benefits of the V.34 fax protocol, we can easily say that the protocol is extremely fast and saves the user a lot of money in resources.

When it comes to return on investment for the V.34 fax protocol, it’s safe to say that overhead reduction is directly in line with the amount of time it takes to transmit faxes using each protocol.

Part of the time reduction shown by the V.34 fax protocol is likely related to its improvement upon the initial communication and connection process between the sending and receiving fax machines.

Using a feature dubbed “line probing,” the V.34 fax protocol also improves the handshake uses this process to select various parameters for operation with its connections.

Combined with its greater speed and faster connection capabilities, this seemingly intuitive capability is what sets the V.34 apart from the rest and makes it the next great step in the evolution of the fax.

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