Tips For Using A Sticky Vape Pen

While most people are very familiar with the term e-cigarettes and how they work the term sticky vape pen may be much more uncommon to the casual user. To learn the differences and how to use a sticky wax burner vape you simply have to understand the two options.


An e-cigarette or vaporizer pen is designed to heat up and vaporize a liquid, which may be called e-juice or e-liquid. These liquids are designed to provide every imaginable flavor from traditional tobacco flavors to the flavors of exotic tropical fruits, luxurious desserts, favorite candies and even different types of liquors and beverages.

The e-cigarette works very simply by drawing the e-juice through a system of coils that heats it to the vaporization point. This is then inhaled through the mouthpiece just as you would with a traditional type of cigarette.

The Sticky Pen Difference

The sticky vape pen, sometimes just known as a sticky pen, works on the same concept but it uses a different type of product to generate the vapor and the flavor. As the name implies it does not use a liquid, but rather one of two different types of substances.

A sticky pen uses a wax concentrate that is loaded into the cartridge. The cartridge is not long and narrow as you see with an e-cigarette but smaller and more like a funnel shaped chamber. You use your finger to apply a small amount of the flavor concentrated wax into the wide end of the chamber and, with heat, the wax liquefies and moves to the narrow part of the chamber and to the heating element, allowing it to produce the vapor and flavor.

In addition these pens can also use essential herbal oils as the source of the vapor and flavor. Since these are heavier and thicker than liquids they won’t work in traditional types of e-cigarettes without requiring constant cleaning and replacement of the cartomizers and atomizers as well as the actual cartridges themselves.

Many people prefer a sticky vape pen because it is possible to get a much stronger and more flavorful vape. In addition the flavor tends to be more consistent and stable than with e-liquids that will change flavors as they “steep” or age.

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