Tactical Knives: What Are They and Why Do You Need One in Your Kit?

You probably own several types of pocket and utility knives, but do you have a tactical knife? Originally created for the military, this sturdy knife is designed for hard or quick use with a synthetic, grippy handle and a fixed, non-reflective blade. Whether you’re an outdoors aficionado or just preparing for potential emergencies, here are three reasons to have a tactical knife in your kit.


One of the main advantages of tactical knives is their extreme durability. They were made to go the distance in the roughest terrain, so you never have to worry about your blade breaking or rusting when you carry a tactical knife.

Easy to Carry

A tactical knife is relatively small and compact and can replace bulkier knife sets in your kit. This makes it an easy knife to carry when camping, hiking, or backpacking. You can also use it for everyday carry and self-defense.

Versatile Uses

Tactical knives are one of the most versatile knives on the market. They can be used for everything from cutting through the bush to gutting fish and even woodworking. Adding a tactical knife to your survival kit is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

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